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Pronounced \ˈsō-shə-lō-kuh\. Yes, we know it's not a real word.

Socialocca is so much more than just a marketing agency. Sure, we do everything you expect from a marketing agency; creating unique graphics that honestly represent your business for any number of advertising platforms, producing stunning videos for both broadcast television and the web, capturing beautiful photos that reveal the heart and soul of what makes your business special, and igniting growth on various social media platforms.

We do all of that and more, but at the heart of our business is the personal connection we have with our clients. At the end of the day, the best way for us to help you, is to know you. This is why we invite all of our clients to stop by our office, any time, on Main Ave. in Wilkes-Barre, PA!

Our vision: Cohesive and fresh brand development that still holds true to the core values and principles that inspired initial creation.

Modern Medicine from Rainforests


Oxygen produced by rainforests


Fresh water from rainforests


World's Diet from rainforests


OUR Services

The Canopy of Socialocca offers a variety of marketing services:

Social Media
Management & Growth

We activate client audiences through social engagement & intuitive promotion. Trust Socialocca to implement the perfect digital marketing and social media strategy for you.

Digital Design
Graphics & Media

Socialocca produces high quality, original graphics to genuinely represent every brand's unique style & message. This includes logos, flyers, info-graphics, illustrations, & more!

Visual Media
Video & Photo

Our team is ready to capture or create any moment. From promotional videos or animations, to event or product photography, our team is well-versed in all aspects of visual media.

Website Creation
Design & Development

Let Socialocca design the perfect digital storefront for your brand or business. The rules to building a website have entirely changed. We aim for ultra-modern and practical website builds.

Public Relations
Management & Influencer Campaigns

Reach your audience. Let yourself be heard. Socialocca's PR team implements loud and creative strategies, designed to drive organic attention to your brand.

Conceptualization & Execution

Socialocca works intimately with brands throughout the entire business development process. We become a part of the venture, offering marketing consultation, conceptualization, & execution.

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