Why Storytelling Is The Future Of Advertising

Look at a Google ad, and you may find it difficult to immediately tell what product they are selling. That’s because Google is great at selling an idea or a story, rather than just a product. Google’s marketing team, for example, could create a visually sleek, stunning advertisement for the new Google Home but they could just as easily – and more effectively – try to sell it through storytelling.

Storytelling is an advertising technique that should always in the back of your mind when considering new marketing campaigns. Powerful stories, especially those that rely on emotion, hook consumers more effectively than ads based on statistics or features. Selling an idea or an experience can be more relatable to a consumer and, thus, it can be easier to grab their attention. Plus, in an internet-based age that encourages the mass-sharing of information, advertisements with a story element tend to see more success in going viral.

Consumers, however, can be just as turned off to a story-oriented ad if the message is unclear or unrelated to the product. Your company could tell an incredible story but if a consumer can’t understand what you’re selling in the first place, your ad will be seen as a missed opportunity. It’s all about finding the right balance.

With an advertising technique like storytelling, creativity is key. The most popular way to convey these stories is usually by creating videos, but those can often require a larger budget – making it difficult for smaller businesses to create the most effective ads. This is where creativity comes into play. Whether it’s telling a particular story through social media, your company’s website or even through mass emails, anything is possible. With the right combination of a story, your product and the benefits of your product, consumers won’t feel like you are trying to sell them anything at all. If they want to purchase a product before they know every little detail about it, you’ve created a successful storytelling campaign.