How do I become a social media manager?

Becoming a social media manager and starting my own agency was far from walking on the paved road of “go get a marketing degree”. It’s actually pretty funny when you think about it. Even just a few years ago, many colleges (including the one I went to) didn’t even offer “social media” classes or electives. I remember directly asking my advisor “well, what about social media?” and they brushed me off saying it wasn’t offered. So, I went with what any creative person who wasn’t dead set on a career yet did: I became a “mass communications” major.

Unfortunately, there was such a lack of concentration on creative and digital marketing even in the mass comm major field that I eventually just dropped out of college altogether. With all the extra free time I had, I sought my own internships and experiences to learn more about professional social media management. Dropping out and paving my own path ended up being the greatest decision I’ve ever made.

There still isn’t much of a playbook out there for young entrepreneurs looking to delve into the social media realm. Until the majority of college curriculums wise up and offer a concentrated major, my best advice would be to explore and invent opportunities on your own. I learned so much from going out and jumping right into real life management projects. In fact, I probably grew & learned faster by throwing myself into the fire as opposed to trying to preface myself on social media from some outdated textbook anyway. Prepare to take the road less traveled if you’re looking for a career in social media management!