How Your Brand Can Be More “Social” With Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Often times, small businesses use social media as their main stream of advertising, and while social media may be a good tool to help reach a larger audience in a cost-effective way, you need to remember that you are still utilizing a “social” media platform. This means that social media users are on these apps and websites to keep up with their friends, family, local events, and brands they love. Yes, many users do care about your brand! However, this doesn’t mean they’re looking for a sales pitch or advertisement each time they scroll through their newsfeed… Actually, more and more people won’t even read your post if they feel it pressures them into buying from you!

So, how can your brand get over this hurdle? After all, you’re here to market yourself!

Well, let’s play a game of “would you rather.”  The objective is to get you to think like a consumer scrolling through your social media feed. Make notes of what you would rather see as you’re relaxing after work or on your lunch break.

  1. Would you rather a brand tell you…
    1. To “check out this week’s blog to learn more about social media marketing.”
    2. That “Socialocca just cracked the code to being more social on social media. Get the inside scoop!”
  1. Would you rather try a brand that…
    1. “Has something for everyone!”
    2. Personalizes the experience by asking questions like, “do you have what you need for your next DIY project? Or, perhaps you just want us to take the reins? We help with both!”
  1. Would you rather a brand announce …
    1. “Hurry up! This month’s event is selling out quickly”
    2. “If you’re hoping to get a ticket to this month’s event, there’s just three days left for you to ensure you can get through the door.”
  1. Would you rather a brand exclaim…
    1. “We love this new commercial our videographer produced for us!”
    2. “Our videographer just put the finishing touches on our new commercial, what do you think?”
  1. Would you rather a brand claim…
    1. “Our new social media management software is about to make your life a whole lot better and easier!”
    2. “Blu provides users with an easy solution to posting on multiple social media platforms all at once. You can even free up your time by scheduling out posts well in advanced.”

If you chose more b’s than a’s, why? What about the b’s seemed more social to you?

Sometimes, you need to take a step back and read your posts from the perspective of your audience and everyday consumer. If it sounds too much like a sales pitch, try tweaking a few key words and removing the old and generic or cliché vocabulary to get your message across in a more casual, unique and overall social manner.