Three Secrets to Boost Engagement On Facebook

With nearly 2.32 billion users per month, Facebook is still one of the top social media platforms to date. Every single day there are roughly 1.52 billion people logging into the site and scrolling through their newsfeeds, according to Facebook Newsroom. With such a large pool of people creating and absorbing content, how will your brand stand out among the others? If your Facebook strategy isn’t up to par, or if you’re not sure if you’re utilizing Facebook to its fullest potential, we came up with a few in depth answers to your most common questions.

When is the best time to post on Facebook?

Sure, we can say that the highest traffic on Facebook occurs mid-week between 1pm and 3pm, or that the engagement rate on Thursdays and Fridays is 18% higher than other days. But, if every brand and business posted at the same time each day and saved their best content for Thursday and Friday, the noise and content volume would be so high it might be impossible for you to get noticed at all. So, how do you beat the system and statistics? Unfortunately, there’s no one size fits all answer, but rather a personalized and tailored answer to each and every brand. And that answer is trial and error.

Check your analytics each week to see what posts are doing best and note the days and times these posts received the most engagement. Although there are many reasons as to why a post received a high number of likes, comments, and shares, recognizing a pattern week after week will give you a clear answer as to when the best time for you to post on Facebook is. Once you’ve found your sweet spot in terms of times and days, don’t stop monitoring your analytics. Keep looking for more patterns and continue to find new ways to maximize your social engagement.  For more tips on finding the best times to post, check out our last blog, “When Is the Best Time to Post on Social Media?” and check out Blu by Socialocca for post time recommendations.

What should I post on Facebook?

Facebook allows you to post statuses (however lengthy you desire), photos (however many you want), and videos (however long you need). Facebook stories and Facebook Live videos are also becoming popular mediums that garner more and more attention from your audience. Although your brand has this ability to seemingly post as much as you want, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should post full paragraphs as a status or albums with 50 photos.

How many times have you scrolled past a Facebook status and thought, “I just don’t feel like reading all of this”?  If you’ve done it, so has every other Facebook user, including your own followers. So, ask yourself, what grabs your attention? The answer might be videos and photos, as it’s been proven this media produces the most engagement on all social media across the board.

Your next question might be, what kind of photos, videos, stories, and live content should I post? Well, unfortunately we can’t give you all the answers, but we can give you a roadmap to help you find what might work best for your individual brand.

  1. What do you want people to know?
  2. What happens behind the scenes of your brand that people might be interested in?
  3. What relates to your brand that people might be inclined to share?

By thinking about these three questions, you’ll be able to brainstorm different and fun ideas for content that not only introduces your brand, but catches the attention of your audience, and hopefully, their Facebook friends, too. If you’re looking for professional photos and videos to take your Facebook to the next level, check out Lux by Socialocca.

How do I ramp up my engagement on Facebook?

So, you’ve done your research and created a dozen quality Facebook posts, but are still lacking the engagement you desire. The next step is to ask your audience to engage with you. But, how do you do that exactly? Contests are a great way to increase engagement since they typically involve leaving a comment, answering a question, tagging friends, or all of the above. They also give fans something in return, even if it’s just a glimmer of hope that they might win the prize, and people seem to really love free stuff!

If you’re not looking to conduct giveaways or contests on Facebook, you can still ask your fans questions, hold fun polls, or fish for likes by simply creating captions such as, “give us a like if you’re excited for summer, too!” Always remember, the easier you make it for your fans to engage with your posts, the more inclined they will be to leave a comment, hit the like button, share with their friends, and be social!