Why You Need To Worry About SEO

In the face-paced, ever-growing environment the internet provides, it can be difficult to stand out in such a dense crowd. Competitors are constantly looking for the next unique idea that will, however briefly, increase traffic to their website. Different companies toy with new marketing campaigns to set themselves apart from the competition, but it can be difficult to be noticed in a saturated online marketplace.

For small businesses, standing out online is even more difficult. Smaller companies may not have the financial resources or manpower to run the intense marketing campaign necessary to convince consumers to forget about the bigger businesses and try something new. The solution, however, can be a lot simpler than it may seem. Improving your business’s SEO, or search engine optimization, could provide the traffic boost it’s been lacking.

SEO involves many different aspects of a website, most importantly where it ranks on a search engine result page. Imagine, for example, a user searching for something on Google. The user is most likely to choose one of the top five or six websites that appear and will rarely explore past the first page of search results. So, all of the websites on the results page – especially the sites toward the top – will get the most traffic. These websites seem like the most reliable, because they are the first results. 

Tweaking your website’s post titles, keywords and other website metadata (like the short blurb beneath a website’s title that appears in a search engine) may seem a subtle difference, but the impact it could have on your website can be resounding. Plus, SEO costs are far cheaper than an entire advertising campaign. Instead of testing a larger business’s financial strength, outwit them with a better search engine optimization. Spots on the first page of search results are few and highly contested, but the barrier of entry is low enough that anyone can compete. With better SEO comes more website traffic, which can be vital to the growth of small businesses.