Snapchat Is Still Alive and Kicking

While the “out with the old, in with the new” mentality can be very tempting to social media users, the older platforms are continuing to maintain a solid core of daily users. Snapchat, for example, turned eight years old over a month ago, yet a recent report revealed that the social media platform gained seven million new daily active users since last year. So, those who were ready to leave Snapchat for dead and move on to the next big thing may have called it quits too soon.

Now, it is understandable why most assumed that Snapchat would have died by now. The company has posted losses for hundreds of millions of dollars in the past few quarters, and most predicted that the company would go bankrupt quickly. Plus, platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and even TikTok have added the same story, face-filter features, and augmented-reality filters that made Snapchat so unique and rise above the curve in its early days.

Regardless of the stiff competition, Snapchat continues to update its app and add features, like the ability for users to play games, in order to keep up with other social platforms. While Snapchat may not be at the peak of its powers like it was four or five years ago, it’s still here and it’s still attempting to compete.

It may not be a company’s go-to platform for social media campaigns — with the exception of celebrities and pop-culture news outlets — but it is still a large part of today’s social media culture. Think of it this way: Snapchat walked so that Instagram could run. In other words, many of the social media platforms that exist today, specifically Instagram, would not be the same without Snapchat. It has proved time and time again, that its unique features appealed to millions. While it is still difficult to predict how long Snapchat has left in the game, its impact on the world of social media should not be forgotten.