How Did the Netflix Original, Bird Box, Get So Much Attention?!

We know the power of social media is stronger than we ever could have imagined. It’s easy to find videos of children singing and pets dancing that have thousands and thousands of views, likes, and shares. So, are you surprised to hear that Netflix didn’t spend millions to promote and market Bird Box? Rather, they relied on us to do the work for them.

Online news sites and blogs

Popular sites and blogs like Buzzfeed, Bustle, Refinery29, PopSugar, and NowThis are the real MVPs for brands as they spark the fires of pop culture. The popular ones you see all over your Facebook timeline can easily have over 17 million visits to their page per month (not to mention those of us who see the articles on social media but don’t visit their site). A few of Buzzfeed’s articles that mention Bird Box have one thousand, two thousand, three thousand, and almost five thousand Facebook likes alone, with one post having 25 hundred shares. With a star studded cast and Netflix originals hitting the nail on the head and increasing in popularity, it’s no wonder why these media outlets pounced on the opportunity to cover Bird Box and create another pop culture sensation around the holiday season.


Even if you haven’t seen the film, we’re certain you’ve seen the memes and still laughed. And then you might have asked, “why is everyone blindfolded?” What is this “Bird Box challenge?” From your favorite cartoons and TV characters to your own friends, everyone is now blindfolded, running into walls, running down the street, falling, etc. What else could be more hilarious?! Scenes from the movie with ridiculous captions start to really make you wonder, “what is this movie actually about?” Why are they blindfolded in a grocery store? Or rowing a boat blindfolded? How aren’t they crashing?! So many questions! As your curiosity builds and you crave to be in the loop, you find yourself logging into Netflix to find out what all the hype is about.


Raise your hand if you’ve posted a status about Bird Box, checked in that you were watching Bird Box, or shared a Bird Box meme? Did you take part in the Bird Box challenge and receive likes, comments, or shares? How many Bird Box conversations have you been in? The more you talk, laugh, and wonder about the Netflix original, the more you might take time to watch the film. Word of mouth has always been one of the best forms of marketing and PR, so that means you played a part in creating the buzz and the success of Bird Box too!

What’s our takeaway?

Bird Box’s social media snowball effect taught us to not take the power of news sites and blogs for granted, and that humor and wonder sell. So, ask yourself what’s newsworthy about your brand. Create a list of media outlets that might find your brand interesting. Or go straight to social media and start the conversation yourself! What aspect of your brand can you bring life to? Is it a toucan that celebrates every holiday, including national pasta day? Even if you don’t think your brand can profit off humor, you can make people wonder and start conversations around your brand. Make your audience a part of creating your brand’s buzz.