Why Should You Prioritize Mobile-Friendly Websites?

A 2018 study from media agency Zenith predicts that, by 2020, around 28% of the world’s media consumption will be mobile. While this transition marks a shift in the way media and news companies produce and distribute content, it also marks a shift in how that content is packaged and formatted. An increasing mobile audience will affect more than just the news industry, it will affect anyone trying to create and promote online content.

On its face, it seems a simple issue with a simple solution. The issue is that more people are consuming content on their smartphones or smart devices. So, it would seem, the solution should be that the companies and organizations producing the content need to make sure the design and functionality of their websites are consistent both on desktop or mobile devices. While many are well-aware of the importance of mobile formatting, others are still lost in the days of old.

There is a diverse array of mobile devices on the market today, each with a slightly different shape and size. While the screens of the mobile devices may differ, it is necessary that the content they are consuming looks the same across all mediums. As unfortunate as it may seem, many people value usability and functionality over the content itself. A website may have an incredible story or breaking news that I want to read about, but, if the website is not mobile-friendly, I’ll just end up reading the same story somewhere it looks better.

One easy way that news and other media companies are getting around mobile-friendly websites is to create an app instead. This is one solution that allows large organizations to promote the same information from their desktop websites on mobile devices, but it can be difficult for smaller businesses to maintain a large app. So, many are still stuck with the task of making their website mobile-friendly.

Regardless of how it’s done, it is a necessity in this day and age for any website—no matter the content—to have both a desktop-friendly and mobile-friendly website for their content.